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Sample Processing Methods of Boric Acid

When using boric acid, it is necessary to process the sample. But many people do not know the skills in this area. I hope that everyone can learn about this knowledge. Next, the boric acid manufacturer will introduce the sample processing method of boric acid.

1. Non-reducing boric acid treatment

Physiological body fluids, serum, urea and other samples are generally only boiled in 1% SDS boiling water for 3 minutes. No reducing agent is added, so protein folding is not destroyed and cannot be used as a molecular weight.

2. Reduced boric acid treatment with alkylation

The alkylation of iodoacetic amine can protect SH groups well and firmly  to obtain a narrow band. Another iodoacetic acid amine can capture excess DTT and prevent the texture phenomenon in silver staining. 10 ul of 20% iodoacetic acid amine in 100 ul borate buffer and incubated at room temperature for 30 min.
There are also samples of reduced boric acid. So the products are separated by molecular weight only in electrophoresis. The Boric acid manufacturer tells you that mastering this knowledge will make the products guarantee their effects.
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