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Boric Acid Medical Uses

Boric acid is a hydrate of Boric ahhydride and is commonly used in dermatology. Boric acid ointment with a concentration of 2-5% and less than 7% is commonly used clinically. Boric acid is a kind of skin astringency drug, mainly used in the acute inflammatory process of dialysis and edema lesions, with anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects.

What is boric acid used for medically? In the field of medicine, boric acid is used in the production of boric acid ointment, disinfectant, astringents, preservatives and so on. 3% boric acid solution is commonly used as an antibacterial, skin-damaging detergent. It can also be used for acute eczema and pustules with a lot of seepage. 3 ~ 4% solution is used for rinsing and cleaning skin, mucosa (cavity), bladder and corneal wound. Patients with stomatitis and laryngitis can use it to gargle, and patients with acute eczema and acute dermatitis can use it to wet compress.

The effect of Boric Acid Medical Uses
  • Make blood vessels constrict. Coagulate and precipitate protein.
  • Reduce the secretion of glands;
  • With a little preservative effect.

Uses of boric acid in pharmacy
Boric acid is mainly used in the treatment of eczema, pemphigus, psoriasis and so on. In the western treatment of psoriasis, boric acid is suitable in progressive and acute phases as an adjunctive therapy. The boric acid ointment is a mixture of boric acid and vaseline. In addition to anti-inflammatory astringency, it has a certain moisturizing effect. Boric acid is generally used in small areas with few side effects. Boric acid is easy to be absorbed. When boric acid is used in the large area, it can be absorbed through the wound surface to cause acute poisoning. The symptoms of boric acid poisoning include nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. In severe cases, the patient looks pale, has the weak pulse, and has decreased body temperature and blood pressure.

Boric acid for external use is generally not toxic. Boric acid can be used as an antiseptic, disinfectant, astringents and preservatives. It can inhibit many kinds of bacteria and mold. It works by binding to amino acids in bacterial proteins. It can be used for washing and be disinfecting skin, mucous membrane, wound, oral cavity, bladder, etc.

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